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Full Version: Moving Libraries
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Hi guys

I currently have a Mac mini running Windows 7 and the latest stable XBMC release. XBMC is pulling all my videos, TV shows, music and pictures from an SMB location on another server.

Since I no longer want to have that server running 24x7, I've bought an external HD to act as the file store for XBMC.

I want to now migrate my libraries, keeping my viewing history etc on my existing libraries.

Is there an easy way to do this?
Easy ish.

Export the library to a single file. That will give you an XML file with all the media info including the paths and filenames. You can open this file in the text editor of your choice and use a search and replace to change the paths. Then import the library again.

If you want to keep your watched status you can also add this:


to advancedsettings.xml file, then export your whole library. After that when you will import library on another PC you will have watched history.

more info in this post:

Thanks guys.