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Full Version: Scrapping of NFO (full xml) to videodb. Actors in wrong order
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Windows 7 32, XBMC 10.1 Git:e9e9099 2011-03-08
db local on the system

if I scrappe a new movie to the videodb vial full xml nfo, the actors are not in the order of the nfo.

It looks like the actors shows in that order, that the actors was added as the first to the db shows at first, the actor that was the second added to the db the second and so on.

This behavior looks not good for the videoinfo dialog.
Usually the Mainactors of a movie shows at first and so is usually the order in the nfo.

Is this behavior works as designed or an error?

Thanks regards Zippolighter
as designed. not optimal behaviour but working as intended.

and for the umpteenth time it's SCRAPING and SCRAPE
Thanks for the fast answer and the lesson for typing Wink
We have an order variable in the actors table - is it not being used? Take a look in your db and see what's going on in the actors table.