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Full Version: [Linux] S/PDIF ALSA mute problem
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I'm still having some problems with my sound output:

Sound over ALSA IEC958 works now. There is still a mute problem. My sound output is set to optical and audio device and passthrough device is set to IEC958 (ALSA). This way I have menu Sounds and mp3 and the normal audio works good. When I try to play a file with Passthrough there is a mute on the master channel.
The alsamixer utility shows the master channel non muted. I have to mute and unmute it to start the passthrough audio output.

Playing other passthrough data works until I play the next non passthrough file. Then the Channel will mute again and i have to unmute it in the mixer. is there a solution to prevent Alsa from muting my sound again and again?