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Full Version: Media Centre Stickers (Dolby, DTS, BluRay etc) - where to get them?
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Since the off-topic forum is non writable I thought I would ask here - anyone know where I can order stickers from? They would be for my HTPC, hoping to get metallic ones in good quality and quite small.

UK based btw.
I'm finding them on eBay. You may need to search internationally, but many seem to come from Hong Kong, and postage from there is buttons.
Cheers but checked on there and they are not quite what I am looking for - looking for plain logos
This is the one that made me think eBay might have what you're after. I know you said it's not what you're looking for, but that one may not have come up right away on a search and you might have missed it. Other than that I have no idea.
Cheers for the link - thinking I might see if anyone on here would like something like this and get some printed myself.
Are you planning on placing these onto the case of the HTPC or some other use?
Ardalista Wrote:Are you planning on placing these onto the case of the HTPC or some other use?

Just for my Media Centre case
If you find high res images in tiff format and take it to your local sign writer, they should be able to print it out onto some pretty decent adhesive sticker stuff at whatever size you want it to be.

Call around your local area and see whats available.
I have the high resolution artwork but its finding a company that will print out trademarked material without permission from the holder!