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Full Version: Audio problem: ATV2 + Bose C5, sound of dialogue is weaker than background
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I'm not sure if I made myself understood about thread title.

I'm unprofessionally using the way Apple TV2 + HDMI to TV, and TV's stereo analog audio output to BOSE Companion 5's stereo analog audio input, now the problem happens: when playing most of the .mkv files, the sound of dialogue is weaker than the sound of background; even if I give up using stereo system and use TV's speaker directly, the problem exists. Does anyone here have the same problem? I tried to adjust the audio settings in XBMC in many ways, but the problem remains.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
In System settings, System, Audio output, try messing with the speaker configuration and also the "Boost volume level on downmix" setting. However I'm afraid this problem has been reported many times and a fix isn't imminent, though it *may* be fixed in v11.