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Full Version: [REQUEST] Onebutton random music
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Hey all,

Would like to make a request for a plugin I used to have in MediaPortal, it's called OneButtonRandomMusic.

What it does is quite simple;
When pressing the play button on the home screen it will generate a random playlist and play the songs.

The MP plugin has some more functionality added to it such as press one for all songs of artist "definable" (for example can be configured extensively) but I would be really happy with just random playing of x songs out of my musiclibrary.

Thanks in advance!
Click on party mode, it just plays a random playlist. Pretty much the same as mediaportal's onebutton thing. You can select it by pressing left when in the music menu.
whufclee thanks, didn't know about this partymode thing!
Although it's not the answer I was looking for I came up with a solution myself;

- Edit the keyboard.xml keymap in your xbmc install dir (or whatever keymap you like to tweak)
- add the following to the <home> tag;

this will do exactly what I was looking for on pressing the p (play) button
Is there a similar command for the music videos partymode?
Got it... For those who are also looking for the solution:
Is there a way of making this go straight to the fullscreen player?

Doing the above works great but goes to a playlist view. I'd love to be able to go straight to fullscreen.
Is there any way to play random music or music videos, but in file mode? (Not from the music or video library!)