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Full Version: Movies linked to TV show not showing proper cover
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EDIT: The title of the thread should read "not showing proper case"

I have a couple titles in my movie library that I've linked to a TV show. When I view them from the TV Show (I"m using fanart view), it doesnt show the bluray case unless I bring up the info view for the title. When I exit info view, it again doesn't show the bluray case, just the HDTV case.

This is on my dharma box running the latest T! from the repo. Haven't tried on my pre-eden box with the updated skin since the kids are currently using that one.
i can confirm that"s the case.

reason is, i'm using different cases in the movies and tv shows library.

the dvd / blu-ray cases are not used in the tv show library and all items get a red tv show case by default.

i don't think there's an easy way to change this i'm afraid....