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Full Version: Help needed with infolabel structure
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On my Confluence mod the following visible labels have stopped working on the windows builds after 2ndAug (Not checked Linux). I presume it's from Skin Condition Cleanup

PHP Code:
<visible>substring(ListItem.FileName,.mkv,[align=right]) + IsEmpty(ListItem.TVShowTitle) + !IsEmpty(ListItem.Title)</visible

Please could somebody give me advice on the new structure.


[Edit] Been doing some searching & found this, not the problem - but I like it!!
vdrfan Wrote:added: info label 'Listitem.FileExtension' - returns file extension without leading dot (eg. 'wav') in https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/8689...83481cd917
Take the brackets off the Right.
Nope. Still not working. I Actually didn't have the brackets in some places.

substring(ListItem.FileName,.mkv) works, but

substring(ListItem.FileName,.mkv,Right) does not work. It used to work up to and including the Windows build of 2ndAug.

Just checked my XBMC log & there are a lot of errors complaining about unmatched parentheses on other conditions which are new.

This whole post is moot really as I will redo the code with a more eligant solution using 'Listitem.FileExtension'. At the same time check & get rid of the other errors in my log. I will then recheck on this substring.

Thanks anyway.

[Edit] Fixed log errors (Batch replace gone wrong) Boolean Condition substring is still not working with additional parameter.
I probably broke it in that case - will see if I can reproduce + fix.