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Full Version: How to make XBMC display a single picture from JSON or HTTP API
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I am trying to find a way to make XBMC display a single picture from an external program.
The picture is stored on my NAS, XBMC has access to it.

I have tried with JSON :
StartSlideshow with the full path of the file :

I have also tried with the HTTP API :

None works ...

Does someone knows the trick ?
I Finally get it working with JSON and StartSlideShow. But I am forced to pass the directory. If I pass the filename, it doesn't work.

Here is what I would like to achieve :
I have an eye-fi card in my camera.
As soon as I take a picture with it, it is sent via wifi on my NAS.
I would like XBMC to display this picture as soon as it arrives on my NAS.

I am already using eventghost for other automation tasks, so I am trying to use it to display the last pisture received from the eye-fi card.

Here is what I have manged to do so far :
- eventghost detects when a new picture arrives on the NAS (I use the DirectoryWatcher plugin for that)
- when the picture is fully saved, I start a slideshow on its parent dir by sending StartSlideShow with JSON (I am using the jonib's plugin for that). Guess what, the slideshow starts !

But, it starts with the first picture of the folder, which is generally not the last that arrived. Thus, After starting the slideshow, I send SkipBack to XBMC which skip the slideshow to the last Picture. New problem here : the skipback occurs only when XBMC switch to the next picture. My slideshow is set up to show next picture after 5s, so when i start the slideshow and immediately send skipback, I see the first picture of the folder, then 5s later, the last one ...
Also, when a new picture arrives, it seems that the slideshow won't refresh by itself : the new picture won't be displayed unless the slideshow is restarted.

To "refresh" the slideshow, I have tried to resend the JSON StartSlideShow request, but it doesn't do anything if a slideshow is currently playing. I have to stop the slideshow and restart it. This brings back the main UI and immediatelly restarts the slideshow. But the UI is clearly visible, it's not a nice effect.

Have you any idea about how to solve all these problems ?
Hi, were you able to display one picture in XBMC via JSON? I would really need this to integrate Resourcespace with XBMC...