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Full Version: Movie exists in IMDB, but can't find it when scraping
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Have had a few movies like this where, if I go to the IMDB the movie is easily found, yet, trying to scrape/download the info/thumbs it can't find it regardless what I type.

Anyone have any ideas why this happens? I've written the title down exactly as seen in the IMDB and even tried with keywords from the titles.

Possible that it's taking the name from the folder.. instead of the file, and the folder name is incorrect (or vice versa) Check to make sure you've 'set' the proper scraper.... if it's good, temp switch scrapers and try again. Could be it's stumbling on something inside the folder it doesn't like.

What are the file name you're scraping? It is possible to have a IMDB issue.
I'm not 100% sure I'm using the term scrape correctly... if not let me know.

Basically I have 1 folder named 'Movies' and inside of it I have well, my movies. AVI, MKV, MP4, ISO's etc... when I add new movies, if it's a bunch at once I'll right click the folder and tell it to scan for new content, otherwise, I just click the file itself try to view the info. It then pops up, tries to find it, fails and asks me to type the name in, comes up with a list of matches and none match...

I assume that's scraping?

In any case, top of my head, The Runestone. The file I have named "Runestone, The (1991).avi". I've tried the full name, tried 'The Runestone', 'Runestone' and 'Rune' and no matches. Yet IMDB has it, image of the movie poster, actors etc.
grab a debug log when you are trying to scrape it or as a 'workaround' create an nfo file with the imdb url in it.

Also, have you tried naming it exactly this: The Runestone (1991).avi and then scraping?
Runestone, The (1991).avi
The Runestone (1991).avi
The Runestone

... no luck.

Tried again and grabbed this section from the log file.

00:35:54 T:2024 M:328544256 WARNING: Previous line repeats 2 times.
00:35:54 T:2024 M:328544256 NOTICE: Storing total System Uptime
00:35:54 T:2024 M:328531968 NOTICE: Saving settings
00:35:54 T:2024 M:328531968 NOTICE: stop all
00:35:54 T:2024 M:328531968 NOTICE: ES: Stopping event server
00:35:55 T:2552 M:328646656 NOTICE: ES: UDP Event server stopped
00:35:55 T:2024 M:328658944 NOTICE: stop sap announcement listener
00:35:55 T:2024 M:328658944 NOTICE: clean cached files!
00:35:55 T:2024 M:328679424 NOTICE: unload skin
00:35:55 T:2024 M:340512768 NOTICE: stop python
00:35:55 T:2024 M:367955968 NOTICE: stopped
00:35:55 T:2024 M:367955968 NOTICE: destroy
00:35:55 T:2024 M:367955968 NOTICE: unload sections

I have a LOT of movies on this drive, and so far the scraping has worked great, just a few rare cases where it's on IMDB but won't scrape, and all older, more obscure titles.
are you sure you're actually using imdb as your backend?
As spiff said doesn't sound like you have actually selected the scraper correctly I just tried "The Runestone" with IMDb scraper and it found it without any problem at all the default TMDb scraper fails as its not listed on that site

In case you missed what gabbott said you can also use an nfo with just the movie url that points to that movie


Ah I guess it isn't IMDB, when I set content I went for the default, someone told me it was IMDB... but I guess it's something called The MovieDB.

I'll have to look, see where the IMDB one is and add it... is there a way to run both at the same time?

NFO file wise, not interested in them... just an extra step and another file to make, and something else I gotta learn. I understand there are benefits, but simply not interested.
Your need to download the IMDb scraper from addons
now knowing that movie isn't in TMDB there is nothing stopping you from contributing and adding it so it's not a problem for others... just saying Wink
Yup, found it... thought be under video add-ons but nope, bit longer route than that to find it.

Also, now that I know it's not using IMDB as someone on another thread told me was the default... I joined the TMDb and been adding the movies/posters/actors into the database for others to use.
Ardalista Wrote:now knowing that movie isn't in TMDB there is nothing stopping you from contributing and adding it so it's not a problem for others... just saying Wink

Ha ha... we must've been typing at the same time Smile

Just wish for older movies, some better images were out for making fanart with. May restort to a screen cap or something.

Managed to get some decent poster art uploaded though, cleaned up with Photoshop a bit.
I know this is an old post. But I was having this problem too and found a cool trick to get the scraper to find the title.

In the file list, go to the movie you are having a problem with. Right-click and go to Movie Information. Click the manual button. Backspace (Delete) what is in the field and enter IMDB's "tt" number instead of the actual title, year, or any variant of those. JUST THE TT#. In your case it would be tt0100528. Click OK so it searches. It pops right up.

I have several hundred films with this problem and got them all working this way.