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Full Version: Any way to make volume control more potent?
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Right now I feel like I need to sit and press my remote's vol-down button for 30 seconds before any significant change is achieved. Any way to make the whole volume bar consist of only 10 notches or so, instead of 100?

(Using Windows)
change the repeat rate and delay for your keyboard via control panel
I am not using my keyboard, I'm using an IR-remote.
err.. good point.. sorry about that.. anything for the remote control software to change repeat rates?
In Windows remotes generally send emulated keypresses, so your remote will be doing the same as the keyboard. You can use ShowKey from http://xbmcmce.sourceforge.net/ to check exactly what the remote is sending.

Some remotes send APPCOMMAND messages for the volume controls (ShowKey will show these as well) and in that case the remote will be controlling the Windows system volume not the XBMC volume.