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Full Version: Update library skipping directories
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I've been trying to tackle why my content isn't being updated/scanned for a couple days now. I have several movies sitting in an 'Action' directory waiting for scraping - however, looking at the XBMC log I see this line:

16:28:51 T:93847552 M:106913792 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Skipping dir 'smb://STORAGE/movies/Action/' due to no change (fasthash)

I'm not sure why it's not recognizing that there is un-scanned content (it's probably related to a TheMovieDB vs. IMDB search issue I found in another thread . . . ).

So my question is, where is this hash stored and can I delete it so that XBMC will scan that directory for content.
Not sure of the answer to your specific question, but if you go into file mode, and navigate to the folder in question you should be able to manually refresh each movie or from the context menu try and scan the folder for new content?
Thanks for your reply, Ardalista . Right, I can do each movie individually - but I'm not sure how many have been missed. Also, I did try selecting the dir 'Action' and 'update library' but I get the same message in the log as above.
No problem, If you are in file mode, before you open the folder named 'action' if you press 'c' and bring up the context menu does the scan for new content there work?

As far as identifying what is and isn't in your library, XBMC is not so straightforward, however you can use XWMM web interface and it is able to show you what is and isn't in your library. take a look at the 3rd pic down on the following link to see what I mean.

If it's skipping the folder it's because the mtime reported by the folder has not changed. This could be due to whatever system has those files on it not updating the folder mtime.

You can test this by checking the modified time of the folder before and after adding an item to that folder.

EDIT: and the hash is kept in the path table in the db.