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I've been using the Ember Media Manager spinoff for a while now to tag all of my media, both tv shows and movies. I've had no problem with XBMC reading and respecting it until now.

For some reason, "The Social Network" doesn't want to display properly. I'm 95% sure that it's not a problem with my naming or file structures, as they're exactly the same as they are for all other movies. I have fanart/posters/banners/info etc. downloaded already and have turned off all scraping i can find in the IMDB/TheMovieDB addons.

And yet, for some reason, when XBMC reads the metadata and images for the movie, it decides it should replace all of the pictures in my movie's folder with posters/fanart of a porno which happens to be called "Social Network". The movie description/cast still reads the same, just the images are affected.

Anyone know what I can do to stop XBMC from fetching any information/imagery for my files?

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section. feel free to throw the thread where it belongs and scold me if necessary
can you post a copy of your log file to pastebin showing the area where the media for that movie is being updated?
http://pastebin.com/DYCSsi2k hits the movie at line 16
Lol I got that movie in couch potato 3 days ago and couch potato gave it the cover of a porno as well. I corrected it in xbmc tho lol
ok, is there any reference to thumbs / artwork in the .nfo file associated with your movie? if so are they url's or local? and if you open the files or follow the links are they what you are expecting to find?
From your log XBMC is just grabbing the images you have right there in your folder:

Quote:Caching image from: C:\Users\Joe\Videos\Movies\The Social Network (2010)\The Social Network (2010)-fanart.jpg to special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/Video/Fanart/ba16fbab.tbn
Caching image from: C:\Users\Joe\Videos\Movies\The Social Network (2010)\The Social Network (2010).tbn