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Full Version: redefine 'shutdown, reboot, suspend,..' button actions
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I wonder if it's possible to redefine the actions linked to 'shutdown, reboot, suspend' actions of XBMC UI? Specifically, instead of doing a whole HTPC reboot, I'd like to just restart the application itself. Is it possible? If not supported 'out of the box', are there any 'hacks' available? (I recall I used to have a lirc daemon monitor specific combination of keys to execute a script, but I doubt it's a really 'clean' solution). Can keymap.xml be used for that? I read through the wiki, but couldn't find any 'app reboot' call...



PS: my config - Ubuntu 10.10 Minimal + XBMC 10.1
FYI, the temp solution I came up with so far is through redefining the action on one of the keys (in my case - a 'power' button on the remote control):

This does get part of the desired behaviour: application restart based on button pressed. But it doesn't override the actual action on the 'shutdown menu' (ie, if I select a 'Shutdown' from the XBMC UI, the whole HTPC will shutdown). I wonder if there is any easy way to define this type of 'callbacks' for the XBMCUI actions (ideally, through the same 'keymap.xml' - like mechanism...)
You can change the action of the Shutdown button in System settings, System, Power saving, though the options are a bit limited. I suspect you'd have to edit the skin to achieve what you want. If you want to attempt this, the config for the shutdown dialog is in XBMC/addons/skin.confluence/720p/DialogButtonMenu.xml somewhere.

Thanks for the pointer!