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Full Version: CharacterART on fanart.tv
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I have added initial support for this type as per this thread http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=107964

Example image:


Things that *should* be working:
  • Support in the API (any scripts using it need to use the string &v=4 for them to show up, this ensures backwards compatibility)
  • Ability to upload an image to a show
  • Show as an option in the backend
  • Usual features in the backend to deal with the new type (approve/deny etc)
  • Show on the front end
  • Download / Like / Report from front end

Things not currently done:
  • Request a CharacterART
  • Drop down in menu
  • CharacterART section page (showing requests and top contributors)

There are probably going to be bugs, but try it out and let me know
was wondering when the character art request was going to be added. Also how do I check all the character fanart? I see the abcd list at the top however what if I want to see all the shows that have character art at once.
Not sure to be honest, going to look at capping requests to begin with so people don't go mental requesting their entire library. We only have a fairly small number of contributors, and that number will get even smaller if there is a never ending list of requests that just gets bigger and bigger no matter how many you do, this happened with tv requests and we lost a few contributors who couldn't see an end to the pile (I eventually purged the list and started the requests again).

I will probably do something like max 3 active requests per person plus a 50 active requests total cap.

I haven't decided how I am going to display all shows for a particular art type yet, if at all, I will probably show a count in search results though.

Until I have decided you can still use the rss feeds though, for example http://fanart.tv/api/rss.php?type=characterart&get=week or http://fanart.tv/api/rss.php?type=charac...&get=month
I see. well 3 requests per person seems to be fair and the 50 cap aswell. That way the contributors dont feel overwhelmed like you say. Thanks for the great site. love it.