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Full Version: FPS drop to 9 and cpu % at 3% help!
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I have 3 installs of xbmc all on windows 7.

1) gaming rig with nvidia 8800gt. - Runs perfect

2) A test install on a computer with a Pentium dual core e6420 and Biostar g41DVI motherboard (built in graphics). 2gb ddr2 - This one also plays fine.

3) AMD Athlon II X2 260 Regor 3.2GHz dual core cpu with GIGABYTE GA-M68MT-S2P AM3 NVIDIA GeForce 7025/nForce 630a chipset motherboard, 4gb ddr3 (on board graphics). - This one I cannot sort out.

I'm trying to play just a basic avi movie of dvd quality. The frame rate in the XBMC menu is 60 fps (faster then the 2nd pc by 25-30 frames) Then when I play a movie the frame rate drops to 9 and the CPU usage is down below 3%. I have tried so many things. Enable/disable hardware acceleration, lower resolution from 1600x900, download different video card drivers, install amd dual core optimizer (even though its not even needed in 7) disable quiet n cool, change computer power settings to high performance, uninstall/reinstall XBMC, and probably a dozen other things I cant remember right now.
Netflix, hulu desktop windows media all seem to play fine.

I'm wondering if maybe XBMC is trying to use only the on board graphics and very little cpu, it seems like if the cpu usage would go up to 60% that it would play just fine, but for some reason it doesn't seem to want to use the CPU much at all. I might get a video card for this pc, but I feel like it would just be a band-aid to whatever the actual problem is.

Ideas? I'll get a log on pastebin here in a little while.
here is the pastebin log and after looking again when i play a video the cpu will go to lower then 1%

ERROR: DirectSoundCreate() Failed (0x88780078)
That's the problem, sound isn't working.
bobo1on1 Wrote:
ERROR: DirectSoundCreate() Failed (0x88780078)
That's the problem, sound isn't working.

well i don't have speakers hooked up to it yet, since i am testing the system on my work station before moving it into the room... why would that cause the frame rate to drop like that? Thanks for the reply
amazing. I plugged some headphones in and it fixed it. That's just silly. Thank you very much for the answer!