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Full Version: Adding custom remote buttons
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I was looking around the XBMC wiki and I found a page which showed how to map some currently unused buttons on my remote. So I downloaded Showkey which has shown me the exact name of 4 buttons I want to add. It comes out with:

<one mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key, one, 3)</one>
<two mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key, two, 3)</two>
<three mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key, three, 3)</three>
<four mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key, four, 3)</four>

So fine I thought, I have tried adding these lines to my Keyboard.xml file in my XBMC installation (Windows 7). Also if it alters things I am running the MCERemote addon.

What I am after is to add: Show subtitles, Update Video Library, Show context menu, Show codec info. So I have tried doing that, for example I tried:

<one mod="ctrl,alt">ShowSubtitles(Key, one, 3)</one>

I had that within the keyboard and public section within the keyboard.xml file. So why does that not work for me? I have tried multiple button actions now and I haven't had any luck with any of them. Am I doing something wrong here?
http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Mod...yboard.xml gives some useful background. An easy way to edit keyboard.xml is to use KeyMapEdit from http://xbmcmce.sourceforge.net/.

Excellent thanks! Got it working from there!