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i am new to XBMC. I have already read a lot of topics and found most answers by my self. The following questions are the last questions that are unanswered:

1) Is it possible to read more about an rss-headline? In the main screen I can see the rss-feed and sometimes I just want to read more about an rss-headline. E.g. in Media Portal you can open every rss-headline and read what it is about. Is this possible in XBMC (maybe with an plugin?)

2) Is it possible that XBMC notify me when the scrappen found a Videofile but not the movie its belongs to? As far as I found out, the anser is no. Can you confirm that?

3) This is maybe the most important question! And i did not found a single person that asked this question before! Is it possible to show EVERY avaible episode (from thetvdb) in tvshows, not just only the episodes found an my HDD? In Media Portal i could select whether i want to have all episodes in the list (even if they ar not on my disc) or if i just want to see only the ones I have. And i DEFINITELY want to see every episode, even if i dont have it.

4) I have read so much about how to "add" an movie right. But i still have Problems with the standard scrapper (TheMovieDb). I renamed every folder and file to match the exakt title with the movie at imdb (.com). Then i put a movie.nfo with the direkt link to the movie in imdb (.com). But i still have a lot of movies wich are just not match! I do not understand that. I thought if i put a movie.nfo with the direkt link to imdb the movie must be matched (yes i did select to use the foldernames for the lookup)?

5) I have read the wiki page about the video-settings (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Videos_Settings). Did i understand correctly, that if i have a 24p TV it make sense to activate "Adjust display refresh rate to match video " and leave "Sync playback to display" off? A friend told me to active both but based on the description it make no sense for me. I would just active "Adjust display refresh rate to match video" and leave the other one off. Is this correct?

6) I have activated "cleanonupdate" in the advancedsettings.xml (because i do not want to have movies in my database that i deleted). Is this exaclty the same action like video-settings-library->Clean Library...? I ask this, because video-settings-library->Clean Library... take same time and the "cleanonupdate" from the advancedsettings.xml seems to take nearly no time. So is there i difference them? Its seems so...

7) I can not find any information about the Audio-Output-Setting (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=System_Settings) "Boost volume level on downmix ". What is its for?


1) Not to my knowledge. Can anyone else offer any alternatives?

2) Not easily. I believe the only way if you don't 'catch it' is to review the log file but thats a pain in the proverbial.. Another method is XWMM web interface, it allows you to identify what files you have and wether or not they are in your library.

3) It is possible to do this. The same way you can also have offline dvd's display in your library as dummy placeholders. I think you just need to create temp avi files that have the correct name. i.e rename a text file to "Lost s02e03.avi"

4) Is sounds like you are using the all-in-one movie.nfo rather than moviename.nfo check the wiki and read about Import Export and what each file requires.

5) unsure on that, anyone else?

6) unsure on that, anyone else?

7) my understanding of that feature is to adjust the volume where 5.1 surround files are being downmixed to 2 channel audio or similar, I'd imagine you'd only use this if you are not lucky enough to have a DTS / Dolby receiver, I'll leave the floor open to others that want to correct me or expand upon my answer.
Thanks Ardalista!

I already read the wiki page "Import - Export Library" (http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Import_-_Export_Library).

To specify my Problem a little bit more I use an actual example:
I recorded the movie "Hereafter - Das Leben danach" (This is the german title of this movie ^^). I renamed the files/folder and created a movie.nfo:

__Hereafter - Das Leben danach (2010)
___Hereafter - Das Leben danach (2010).mkv

"Hereafter - Das Leben danach (2010)" Is the title found on imdb.com (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1212419/).

The movie.nfo i created just contains the link above (and only this link, nothing more!).

As mentioned in the wiki "movie.nfo if you use the "Use Foldername for Lookups" option, movie.nfo takes priority over any other .nfo files." I used "Use Foldername for Lookups" in the scrapper options.

I just dont understand why this movie (and a LOT of other movies!) dont "get a match" by the TheMovieDb-Scrapper. As far as i read it should be enough just to place the "movie.nfo" in the folder and use "Use Foldername for Lookups" in the scrapper options. The movie.nfo contain the link to the movie, why the scrapper still dont get it?? Sad

Thanks again,
I suspect it could be because you are using an IMDB link while (from what you are saying above) using the TMDB scraper.

As a test (if you do indeed use the TMDB scraper) try this link for hereafter.


If that fixes the problem then it would suggest you need to use a link that is actually associated with the scraper you have set for the content.
Thanks for your fast answer!

I already tried this with no success.
To be sure I even delete the complete source, cleaned up the db and added the source again. Even with the TMDB-Link the movie cant be "matached".

What confuses me even more is the fact that a friend told me that it works for him.
Could you (or any one else) create a temp dir and file with the structe I mentioned above and tell me if this works?
I can try it as a test when I get home (currently at work for the next 6 hours)
I had a quiet patch here at work so remoted into my pc at home to tinker...

I've managed to get this working but it was a bit of fiddling.

I can only assume you have a near identical setup to mine.

My folder layout is d:\media\movies\.... (each movie is then in it's own folder)

First of all disable library mode
go back to your main source selection screen
bring up the context menu on your movies source and set the scraper to none
when prompted to remove items from library select no
now.. enter into the movie source and locate the folder for hereafter
bring up the context menu and set the content. (I actually used IMDB for my test)
disabled use folder names for lookups
selected scan recursivley
select ok
I'm then prompted to refresh info for that path, I selcet yes.
To be certain it's not loooking up based off file name, I put the url for Inception in the moviename.nfo file (yes I had to rename to the exact name of the movie as movie.nfo wasn't being picked up)

If I enable folder name lookups I get problems.

Using the TMDB scraper with a TMDB link failed under the same process.
Oh, forgot to mention for my testing above I created a folder called Hereafter - Das Leben danach (2010) under d:\media\movies

in that folder I created a text file and renamed it "wibble blah wee.mkv"
I also created "wibble blah wee.nfo" with the IMDB URL for "Inception"

When scraping with the configuration above it scraped the file "wibble blah wee" as inception, so this proves it was using the URL from the .nfo file.
Thanks again!

I can absolutly confirm your assumption. I have a similar folder structure. Every movie has its on folder which just contains the moviefile.

I also can confirm that everything works perfektly with the imdb-scrapper. With the imdb-scrapper i can also use the movie.nfo file when "Use Foldername for Lookups" is selected in the scraper-settings.

But with the tmdb-scrapper it just dont work (with any form of *.nfo) - as you mentioned. In an other topic I read again that this should defenetly work (tmdb-scrapper and movie.nfo file with imdb-link). I have done some research on the tmdb website. tmdbi-api (http://api.themoviedb.org/2.1) has a function called Movie.imdbLookup. So it would be defenetly possible for a tmdb-scrapper to use an imdb-link to find the movie.

Maybe there is something wrong with the api or so? I visited a friend who has setup his Database some weeks ago (he has exactly the same structe inclusive movie.nfo-files and the movie "Hereafter" which is exactly named like my one) and everything was perfektly matched.
Is this maybe a temporal problem?
I just had another look at this on my PC...

Made a new folder in my media share True Grit

\media\movies\true grit

I then made a dummy placeholder file


and accompanying .nfo file


^--- Direct URL to Conan the Barbarian on imdb.com

Set Content = IMDB
-Use folder names for lookups enabled
-Scan recursively enabled

@--Context menu
@----Scan for new content

Scraped movie title = Conan the Barbarian

This is the desired result when using a .nfo file which is named the same as the movie. as it relied purely on the URL for the desired library entry. despite folder names for lookups being enabled which would also provide a valid result.

After this success I removed the item from my library as I reset the scraper back to none.

I renamed the blahblahblah_doink.nfo file from earlier to movie.nfo leaving the conan the barbarian url in the .nfo file,

This failed to scrape or add to the library as you'd expect if there are no results.

I copied Tropic Thunder (2008).avi into the folder leaving the existing files intact.

@--Scan for new content

again with the movie.nfo file but this time it looked up Tropic Thunder, ignoring the URL in the .nfo file, and the folder name of True Grit, and selecting to use the filename for the lookup.

This was successful for the filename lookup, so I removed the item from the library again and reset the content to none. before choosing the IMDB scraper again.

I renamed movie.nfo back to tropic thunder(2008).nfo

@--Scan for new content

Result = Conan The Barbarian.

Pastebin of the successful thread extracted from the XBMC logfile.

I then tried all of the above again using TMDB as the scraper. As I had enabled debugging earlier I can see where IMDB does a lookup on the URL and I can see TMDB is also performing the lookup, and it's getting a result from IMDB, but once it's been handed the data the TMDB scraper seems to disregard it and ultimately the search fails over to filename for the result, if it then turns out the filename is unrecognised the item won't be added to the library.

Here is an example of what I state above.

From the above log file, I followed this url from line 39
it gave me the Conan results saved on pastebin here. So TMDB is using the URL from the .nfo file, but what the TMDB scraper is doing with that data from then on is a mystery to me.
If I understood you correct:

foldername: 'asdf'
filename: 'yxvc.mkv'
nfo file-name: 'movie.nfo',
nfo file-content "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1375666/"
scrapper: IMDB
folder lookup: yes

does not work for you?
The strange thing is that this also perfektly works for me.

Of cure, if I name the nfo-file 'yxcv.nfo' it also works (other settings as above). I can even name the nfo-file "qwer.nfo" and it also works. I have defenetly read taht xbmc looks for a link in every nfo file, regardless of the name.

Nearly every combination works perfektly with the IMDB-scrapper.

But I need to use the TMB-scrapper because I need the german informations for the movies.

I think I open a new topic with a more specific title so that maybe more people read this...
I think I may have resolved part of the problem I was facing.. (getting movie.nfo parsed for URL) I'll test shortly.

yeah, perhaps a title like. "Help... TMDB scraper not using results provided by IMDB URL parsed from movie.nfo"
Already opened a new thread:

thanks again ^^ (it seems to be a bug as far as I understood it correct and its gonne be fixed very soon)
Oh nice and I see they have fixed that tmdb issue... happiness all around.
Ok question 4 is now defenetly solved...

but how about question 5 und 7?
Does anyone else have a clue?

@5: If my TV supports 24p what should I activate?
[ ] Adjust display refresh rate to match video
[ ] Sync playback to display
[ ] both

@6: If I have a 5.1 Sound System with and AVR should I deactivate Boost volume level on downmix or not?
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