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Full Version: TV shows and Apple TV 2
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Hi everyone...

I am a n00b when it comes to the structure of how to name my files etc...

Here is my currents structure:

Drive\Tv Shows\TV Show Name\Season\Disc 1\tv show - season-disc.m4v

My apple tv sees the TV show folder, but doesn't see any of the episodes (discs)

Does the fact I have them as a .m4v instead of individual .avi's matter in how the appletv sees them or is my naming convention totally wrong?

Thanks for the help in advance.
Yes, the scrapers are not set up to see entire seasons as one video file. Normally people just rip each DVD episode title out as its own file. I don't know why you would make them individual avi's, though, rather than individual m4v's/mp4's. You can probably use some program to split your existing rip into individual files without having to re-rip. What OS are you using to make the rips?
Have you tried naming like s01e01-e12 or the likes?
Check out the wiki for more info. I can't remember exact syntax but
it does work for avi, sure it'd be the same for mkv.