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Full Version: Movie Folder Structure & Scraping etc
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Hi guys,

Been using XBMC for quite some time now and i thought i had mastered it.
Lately i used a new program (to me) called Ember Media Manager

This program has been fantastic for downloading artwork and correct data for movies is has been a god send to me!

However i am hitting a problem, before i used this program i had all of my movies in 1 folder:


C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002).xxx
C:\Movies\Movie2 (2008).xxx

At the time i used to use the built in scraper to scrape the data and it worked fine for me, however i was told to use a new format for my movies and to store files locally, so using Ember Media Manager i now have the following structure:

C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\Movie1 (2002).mpeg

C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\Movie1 (2002).nfo
C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\Movie1 (2002).tbn
C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\Movie1 (2002)-fanart.xxx

C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\fanart.xxx
C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\movie.nfo
C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\movie.tbn

now, as we can see, some reason there is 2 different formats of the same files (.nfo , .tbn , fanart) i really do not have an explanation for this, so ill deal with this later as this isnt the problem (OR IS IT?)

The problem is, now when i click "Movies" which brings up C:\Movies\, in XBMC it shows blue folder for every movie and not the DVD Cover, although when i highlight a movie folder, it brings up the fanart in the background, how would i get this to also show up the DVD Case for it instead of the Blue Folder? (PS. when i click into the folder, the movie1.mpeg file actually shows the dvd cover, but i want this on the folder)

I am aware that with my old movie storage method, it automatically shown my DVD Covers and fanart without a problem.

Now a few questions that may arrise from this:

1) am i using the correct format? (with Ember Media Manager)
1a) if so, is the duplicate files mentioned above the problem?

2) should i select any specific options in XBMC?
2a) to add to this, i dont like library mode, i just like to select dvds as and when i want to watch them

3) is Ember Media Manager the right program to use for XBMC?

i hope i am not asking for much, i am quite advanced now in XBMC and have been part of designing 2 plugins which are quite popular, so i am not asking to be spoon fed, just abit of advice!

Thank you so much, i hope i can sort this out
If you want covers showing in file mode without entering the movie folder your still going to need to scan your movies into library even with local artwork

No you don't need different versions of .nfo , .tbn , fanart you can use either in this case, you should have disabled them first in ember before you scraped
so in ember to prevent duplicates i disable them in the program ok i will do that from now on.

also, i have just been tinkering, i right clicked inside my movies folder on a random movie, and clicked scan for new content but nothing happened, so i tried setting content, it was already set at movies, still not working.

i have just clicked on library mode for the first time after using my new folder structure and i have found it does what i wanted it to do, however what i dont like is the options u get before u get into the movies ie:

latest added
unwatched etc

i would like it to just simply go straight into my movies, can i somehow skip the step before which shows the above options
If nothing happens when you click scan for new content its because its already in your library, something happens but its probably to quick for the dialogue to show especially on one movie

Yes you can go straight to movies but how will depend on the skin

Just because you used ember and changed folder structure it doesn't make using XBMC any different then using it before

i have just remembered why i didnt like library mode, i have just added 2 new movies and updated them in ember and got perfect matches etc and all is well.

when i load up xbmc and go into "movies" i dont get my latest movies ive just added..

and that is why i wanted the original method outside of library mode..

can someone assist?
ive tried right click & update library and it doesnt update
It sounds like you haven't set content properly in the past and including this time not sure how you got anything in your library to start with though ?

If your using the following file structure and files and movies is your source folder you will need to enable "use folder names for lookups"

C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\fanart.xxx
C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\movie.nfo
C:\Movies\Movie1 (2002)\movie.tbn

If you don't use "use folder names for lookups" and you use that file structure you would need to enable "scan recursively"

Enable both and try update library
have i got to do this for every single movie i add into the folder?

ive just done what you said and the new movies dont appear
ahh, ive now sussed it, i was scanning inside the movies folder, not actually clicking the movies folder itself...

its done now i think
ok by doing what you said i have sucessfully sorted it.

now i have tried used library mode and it works fantastic!
my media centre now looking amazing now everything is finished off..

one more problem though:
since doing what ive done, its showing i have duplicates on some movies:

the crew

for some reason there is 2 of each of these, but in my actually movie directory there is only one of each, any reason for this?
You should use those options I said on the source folder in your case C:\Movies\ that's the folder you should scan or just use update library you can enable the later to happen when starting XBMC

Not sure how you have managed to get duplicates did you add the same source or path twice ? you could try using clean library but it wont work if the paths are valid for both

You could always rebuild your library from scratch it wouldn't take long as you have local nfo's and artwork as long as you turn off "Download actor thumbs" first
ok how do i go about that do i delete my movies source