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Full Version: HTPC Rebooting Several Seconds In
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Hi There

I recently made the move from Windows Media Player to XBMC and initial impressions were fantastic. All my movies are streamed from a QNAP TS-210 via Ethernet. I can leave XBMC on and play around with settings and work my way through the menu and everything is fine.

However when I start to play back an MKV movie the PC shuts down and reboots as if someone has pulled the power plug out. It takes between 30 seconds and two minutes of the movie playing before this happens.

I don't get a blue screen just a complete crash. I have Windows 7 installed, playback is through a 46" Samsung D8000 complete HTPC spec is;

I3 540 processor
Intel blkdh55tc motherboard
OCZ Intel Extreme XMP 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 10666C7 1333MHz
Radeon HD5450 Graphics

Connection is via a Yamaha Receiver and a 1.4HDMI cable

I am hoping someone can help as I really would like to keep XBMC
Does it happen if you place the video using a different player?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling XBMC?

Maybe its getting too hot?
I would guess it's the video drivers. Try updating to the latest drivers supplied by the maufacturer of your PC.