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Full Version: MySQL Disconnection
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I am currently testing XBMC on 2 dev machines with a server. My server is already running a mysql database which supports MediaPortal and I have added additional tables for xbmc video and music, created the advanced.xml etc and started testing.

All works fine except I keep getting disconnected from the SQL server. My TV and Music libraries will show that there is no content and I have to restart XBMC several times sometimes to get the connection back. Sometimes it will come back on its own and other times it wont.

Here are some specs:

- PC1: i5, 2GB Ram on hard wired network running XPSP3
- PC2: 2Ghz Core2 Duo Laptop, 1GB Ram on Wifi running XPSP3
- SERVER: Core2 3.6GHz, 2GB Ram XPSP3

- XBMC Version: Nightly Builds since Aug 19

- LOG: HERE (pastebin times out on log paste so its on dropbox)

- SKIN: Aeon Nox

I have noticed that if I use the widgets "random videos" and "random music" in the skin to display random items on the main page this will cause the database disconnection within minutes but if I don't use these I hardly ever get a disconnection.

I also get disconnections when using some XBMC remotes for the iPad (Constellation for example)

Lastly I have been testing a program for touchscreens/XBMC called Yatse (found on this site) which also gets disconnected from XBMC when I start watching an episode (about 2 minutes into it).

I have tested some things back on Dharma 10.1 and things seem mush more reliable BUT I believe the remote database doesn't work from what I have read and setting that up doesn't seem to work so I am sure I read right.

Is this something that is currently known/being worked on? No problems if this is the case as at least it's nothing on my end.