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Full Version: 5.1 audio issues
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hi guys im having an issue with 5.1 audio in xmbc. i dont hear voices but get some background sound. I am using a macbook air 13 2011 on osx 10.7.1 with a Panasonic Viera TH-P42V20A. The tv alone wont get all channels of audio with xmbc and a 1080p mkv. I have the tv plugged in with optical cable to my logitech z5500 and same thing happens.

When i open a 1080 mkv movie with dts 5.1 or dd in VLC the sound plays perfectly on the tv or the z5500.


iv been messing around with this for a few days and need an expert opinion.

Have you configured the audio output settings in XBMC?
0wing Wrote:Have you configured the audio output settings in XBMC?

cheers for the quick reply

when i select audio output: hdmi and optical/coax i get constant static. with analogue i can hear the background and sound fx but its still missing some channels.

with Audio output device i tried built in, default audio and hdmi.

this is the same for the tv and when using the amp and surround sound.

iv tried all possible combinations even selected and deslected dolby digital and dts capable. my issue is vlc works fine so i should be able to copy the settings somehow
I have to ask, but did you also try changing the speaker configuration to 2.0?

And just to be sure is your tv or computer connected to the logitech system?
Because very few tvs can output 5.1 through their optical output.
yeh when i change to 2.0 it works ok but obviously its not 5.1 which i want to hear.

i downloaded plex media server and its similar to xmbc but it has a hdmi option but also an auto detect. when it auto detects it plays 5.1 fine like vlc does. i think its something with the settings of xmbc but iv tried everything.

im hooked on xmbc looks and feel so theres no going back now.

is there any plugin or custom firmwares out that could help this?