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Full Version: Error with playback of LARGE mkv's
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I have a problem with playback. When i playback large MKV's, i get these wierd colors every 10th second.
I love XBMC. It really does it for my, but since i've got my home theater system (150" screen) i've found that MKV files i've did of my blurays did not have a high enough bitrate (MKV's of about 4 gigs 720p).
I upped the specs to 1080, and about 8 gigs mkv's. Still not satisfied.
Now i've went all in and did a MKV on 23gigs (100% size of the stream from the BD).
This resolved in these wierd colors. This only appears on large MKV's. But i do not have this problem in VLC player on my HTPC or my Macbook pro in VLC.
In debugging mode, i can see that mem, fps and cpu all is good.
Mem: 1,5/3.2 GB
fps: 24 (it drops from time to time, but only by .1
cpu: is about 10%