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Full Version: Movies not showing up in library. Stop playing halfway through. Various devices.
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I have xbmc setup on a windows 7 pc, ubuntu, a Mac mini and an apple tv 2. The drives with all the media are in the ubuntu pc and are shared to the others through upnp. On all the other computers not all of the films show up in the library and sometimes I get films that I don't even have. On all of the computers any movie will stop playing at random times and go back to the video library. This happens with movies I've watched before and had no trouble with in the past. Also occasionally xbmc will shutdown while in the middle if updating the library.

I've been google searching this for the past 2 nights and have tried various fixes but nothing works. Anyone have any idea what is wrong? I never had problems until a few days ago and nothing has changed that I know of.
uPnP just provides whatever is listed in the library, so not all your films have scanned successfully.

uPnP is far from an ideal protocol for XBMC. The best option would be to use shared folders. This will need to be via SMB for the Windows PC though the Mac and ATV2 can use NFS.