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Full Version: Extremely rare scraping issue
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I currently use the latest stable build with the default scraper: themoviedb.org

I managed to get all my movies and series scraped by just renaming the actual files (i use iso files to rip my dvds). I just have one movie which doesn't scrape automaticly and it's simply because it's a freak occurance:

The movie: Last Man Standing (the one with Bruce Willis) released in 1996.

Why doesn't it scrape well? For some friggen reason there's some twat who ALSO made a movie called Last Man Standing IN friggen 1996. So it doesn't pick up which Last Man Standing you want based on the release year. Naruraly the scraper gives preference to the other movie nobody actually heard about and not the more known one with Bruce Willis.

Now I know it's probably a totaly freak occurance to have two movies called exactly the same released in the same year but is there another way out of this pickle without having to resort to NFO files?
I thought it was possible to manually pick the movie when doing refresh
If you hit the information button when the movie is highlighted in the library, and refresh it there, I find on an individual scan it'll bring up possible match options rather than just accept the first hit.