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Full Version: [AppleTV2] Skip "Files" and "Playlist", go straight to source
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I've just installed XBMC on my ATV2, having used XBMC on an original Xbox, for a long time.

On my Xbox, XBMC boots and goes straight into Movies, displaying three sources from my NAS (via SMB).

I've added the same sources on my ATV2, and set XBMC to go straight into Movies, but now there's an intermediary screen that displays "Files", "Playlists", and another option I forget.

How can I set my XBMC to go straight to displaying the three movie sources?

In the development versions of XBMC (the ATV2 version is built from the development versions) the way the video files has been changed to remove the distinction between the Library and File modes. This means when you go to the Video page you always see both the library options and an option called Files that takes you to the old File view where you see the sources.

There isn't anything built into XBMC to go straight to the Video/Files page. You could probably do it with an autoexec.py, though offhand I can't think of a way to do this.