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Full Version: New install, no sound at all
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After many years of running Mediaportal, I've decided to give XMBC a go, the interface is a big improvement feels modern and slick.

The problem I have is that I get no sound output at all, none on the interface and none while playing movies/music.

I'm running Windows7 32bit, Core2Duo, 4GB Ram, nVidia GT520 running from OCZ SSD drives to an LG 47LE8900 TV via HDMI.
Sound is from an Echo Layla external multichannel DAC on to separate power amps. The system sees this as a multichannel analog device, configured as 5.1 at the moment. I can run the Windows sounds tests and all channels work fine, I have Mediaportal running without any problems, surround sound sounds great.

In XMBC I have audio output set to 'Analog', speaker configuration to 5.1 and audio output device set to 'DirectSound Speakers (Layla20)', I have also tried the 'WASAPI Speakers (Layla20)' and the default directsound device (which is the Layla) and none give any sound output at all.

Any advice on where to check next would be appreciated.