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Full Version: Grabbing a show
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I am new to xbmc, I would like to grab a particular show from this website:
The show is:

How do I add this to xbmc, and keep getting new episodes?

Working out what streams a web page is playing is usually hard, since the authors of the web page generally don't want you to play the video except by going to their web page. In this case if you open the web page, right click and choose "View source" then search the source for ".flv" you'll find:


and this is the address of the stream. If you create a .strm file (see http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...io_streams) containing this URL XBMC will play the stream when you select the strm file.

The URL obviously contains the date. If there is some obvious pattern to the updates, e.g. if they're weekly, you can probably guess the name of the next stream by changing the date. Otherwise you'll have to keep going to the web page and viewing the source to get the stream name.

It is possible to write Python scripts to automatically search web pages for stream names, but you'll need to learn how to program in Python.