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Full Version: TVDB Scraping worked, now won't with Rifftrax
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I could use some advice/direction. I had my Rifftrax working the other day by setting to TV and allowing the TVDB scraper to find them, worked great! Then today I added a few new episodes and it refused to find them. I've tried manual and still nothing. I then removed the other and thought I would rebuild, now it won't find any of them. The scrapper worked fine when I removed and returned another series.

I looked at the log and found the following:
ERROR: VideoInfoScanner: Asked to lookup episode /Volumes/Media/TV Shows/Rifftrax/Rifftrax S01E13 The Matrix.m4v online, but we have no episode guide. Check your tvshow.nfo and make sure the <episodeguide> tag is in place.

Am I safe to assume the problem isn't with XBMC, but rather with the scrapper or the DB? I would assume that since other TV shows worked, that it's specifically the Rifftrax DB at TVDB that is having issues.

I would appreciate any advice/direction/tips for trying to solve this if you think it has to do with my XBMC install. I have also since uninstalled and reinstalled to see if I had corrupted something, but the problem persists.
Well solved the issue, moved the Rifftrax folder to the root media drive, added a Season 1 sub-folder and moved all the files there - scan worked. Still can't figure out why it worked before and then stopped working.