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Full Version: XBMC always starts on laptop display
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(Windows 7) ... whenever I start an XBMC session on my laptop, the screen ALWAYS displays firstly on my laptop (primary) screen, despite my having previously dragged the screen in another session onto my secondary (and larger) screen.
With all other software/apps, wherever it was LAST displayed is where it is AGAIN displayed when reopened ... XBMC is the ONLY package that doesn't do this.

I believe I have checked for any such setting to control this within XBMC itself, but am I missing something (using Cirrus skin)

TIA .....
XBMC doesn't remember its last position in windowed mode. It's meant to be used fullscreen and will remember on which screen it ran last.
There is the setting to specify which screen xbmc runs on in the video settings, it numbers them 1, 2 etc, but yes only full screen, but I assume this would be fine for what you want, unless you want to actually use the other screen when using xbmc.
Gentlemen, ..... thank you for that !!!

I WAS running it in windowed mode, and had not looked any further down the option (i.e. FullScreen #2).

Bloody brilliant !!!

Thanks again ........exactly what I was after