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Full Version: Audio / Speaker Config question
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I currently have a 7.1 audio configuration, however it's not your standard 7.1 (rear surround Channel) setup.

I use the "Front Wide Surround" setup on my amp which is basically audessy dsx which adds an additional wide front left and wide front right (similar to dolbys front height channel I suppose)

Anyway, as this is not an DD/DTS authorised 7.1 configuration and is therefore technically not what a 7.1 encoded movie (rear surround/side surround) will be expecting... Would/should I set my speaker config in xbmc to 7.1 or 5.1?

I have a 7.1 cab able receiver (9.1 or 11.1 as well) plus it supports all the latest and legacy audio formats. Connected via hdmi and my config is as follows:

XBMC 10.1 (about to move to nightlys)
Windows 7
NVIDIA ion (hdmi 1.3)
Pioneer VSX921-k (2011 model with AirPlay/ hdmi 1.4a etc)
All connected via hdmi

Wide front left / Front left / centre / front right / wide front right
Left surround / Right surround

Basically Id lime xbmc to do nothing to any of my audio (or as little as possible) and just let my amp do the work... If I set the speaker config (inside xbmc) to 7.1 will this ensure it never down mixes any audio up to 7.1 that is pumped into/through xbmc (nightlys included)

Hope someone can help clear that option up... I have read the wiki but if you read also it doesn't quite state what this should be set at for someone with my specific config.

Thanks I advance.