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Full Version: odk46 "Not PVR client installed /suspend mode freeze
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I'm testing a pre-built package from "http://gujs.openelec.tv/build/PVR-PPA-opdenkamp/pvr-ppa-odk46/OpenELEC_PVR-ION.x86_64-devel-20110813-r8147.tar.bz2", but when XBMC starts appear the message "No PVR client installed" and send me to tvheadend client addon to activate, but when I push activate the systems freeze on the screen.

I'm using a Hauppauge usb DVT wintv nova dual HD stick and I don't have this problem with odk44. I thought that was a problem with the PVR client and backend versions, but I refreshed the repositories and no new versions appear neither for tvheadend backend nor for the PVR client ¿What I'm doing wrong?

On the other hand I can not put the computer (Xtreamer Ultra, intel Atom D525/ION2) in suspend mode, if I have pluged the usb TV-tuner and push suspend, my plasma display goes to green and I have to restart the PC.
If I unpluged the usb stick, suspend mode is runnig correctly. ¿is there any solution for runnig suspend mode with tv-tuner pluged?

I'm very interested on suspend/wake mode supposing that with a event record timing on XBMC, the system will wake up from suspend mode, and will go again to suspend mode after ending the record, saving on this way a lot of power.

Thanks in advance for your help
Did you set up account informations in tvheadend options and use this username and password inside xbmc pvr addon configuration?
Polyamid Wrote:Did you set up account informations in tvheadend options and use this username and password inside xbmc pvr addon configuration?

Polyamid: No I didn't, but neither in version odk44 and is working fine.
¿I'ts a requirement to use username and password in tvheadend client for odk46?
I did that in ODK40 already because I had problems without it.

Without account setup in tvheadend I don't get freezes but it told me that the plugin could not get a connection to the headend.
this is a problem caused my mainline xbmc, because of some changes in the dialog code.
I did have a build ready, but I'll see if I can fix it quickly and update it before releasing the new build.
Thanks Dushmaniac for the news, regarding the suspend mode with the DTV-tuner connected to the PC, ¿Can I do something to get it running properly?
you'll probably have to stop tvheadend and rmmod the driver before suspending. some drivers don't really like suspend.

regarding the lockups: it was fixed already. I tried all the different combinations (start without add-ons enabled, start with connection timeout, start with wrong password), and it doesn't lock up. now the info that's displayed ("started without any add-on enabled") might be wrong, when the actual error is that you entered an incorrect password for instance, but I can't reproduce any lockups.
after having introduced specifically my ip host, user and password instead of user:* and password:* in tvheadend web server and in xbmc PVRclient; now when I start xbmc appears "No PVRClient addon activate please activate..." so I push ok and goes directly to PVRclients addons menu. I deactivate and activate tvheadend PVRclient and then inmediatly start "PVR manager importing channels", after this all is running well. But whe I start again xbmc, I need to repeat all the process, deactivate and activate tvheadend PVR client addon.

¿Could you please give me some runway to avoid this behavour?
I deleted a couple of times epg.db and tv.db before updating to 8147 version.

For me the strange is that this didn't occur me with OpenELEC_PVR-ION.x86_64-devel-20110807-r8109.tar.bz2.

Thanks for your support
I'll see if I can reproduce it.
I'm having the same issue with having to disable and enable the PVR addons on each start of XBMC, using the latest windows build from Margro though.
dushmaniac, please note that I have the same behaviour regarding activate and deactivate pvrclient addon, with odk48.

For suspend (as dushmaniac said) try to unload (rmmod) modules for both: tv card, tuner and lirc just before suspend and load them again as soon as system is back. To do that you need to stop xbmc, tvheadend and lirc, too.
Some more details on that https://www.lonelycoder.com/redmine/proj...iki/Wakeup but that needs some updates..
Finally I could get to suspend my computer with dvb tuner connected and to wake up running correctly including the Wlan.

What I did:
Add to /etc/pm/config.d a new file "config" with the following lines:
SUSPEND_MODULES = "dvb_usb_dib0700" (My DVB tunner module/model)

Add to /etc/pm/sleep.d a new file "50_dvb_usb_dib0700_quirk" for stopping tvheadend in suspend and to start in awake.


case "$1" in
killall tvheadend
/storage/.xbmc/addons/service.multimedia.hts-tvheadend/bin/tvheadend -f -C -s -u root -g root -c /storage/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.hts-tvheadend
*) exit $NA

As I'm using an Openelec distro and the system files are read-only, I had first to unsquashfs the file SYSTEM in Ubuntu, before adding the files to their corresponding folders and mksquashfs a new SYSTEM file. Finally I added new SYSTEM file and KERNEL file to /storage/.update/ in Openelec and restarted the computer for upgrading Openelec distro.

Regarding the "pvr-manager no addon enabled..." I continue in the same stage, althought I observed that some times after push ok button in the "pvr-manager no addon enabled..." and before deactivate and activate the tvheadend pvr client, appear the "pvr manager start to import channels" then I push back and TV module is working perfectly.
My thoughts is that as tvheadend need the LAN and mine is wifi, maybe when pvr manager start it can't get connection to the LAN, since my wifi module has not already finnished the loading.

Dushmaniac: ¿Can I configure to delay in somewhere the starting of pvr-manager until my wifi module is completely enabled?

I tried in the pvr-client addon changing the time response and timeout but without any success.