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Full Version: XBMC for Boxee Box?
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Hi all.

Been a big fan of XBMC since the first Xbox days and built my own HTPC specifically for XBMC, but thats been called away for other duties for quite a while now and Boxee Box handles the Media duties at home, so in my long absence from here I thought XBMC would have been ported to the DLink Boxee Box by now by you clever folks but after a quick search I can't find any evidence of this.

Is the DLink Box not suitable for XBMC? I'd have thought it was powerfull enough and certainly suitable for the task or is it not a prime candidate for XBMC?

Anyone know if a project is on the cards?

I'm sure there's someone working on something, but in general it's just not worth it. For $200-300 you can buy an Apple TV2, or the far superior nettop, such as the Acer Aspire Revo. Basically, it's not worth it when other, better options are available.
And despite originally saying you would probably be able to install xbmc on it boxee did a back flip and locked it down (probably a requirment for things like netflix) So no its not in the works
Yeah boxee sold out
A for profit company selling out? Not sure that's possible Smile

Seriously though, I'm sure their content partners said, "Nope" and made them lock it down. As far as XBMC is concerned it's not really an issue. It already runs great on the ATV2 ($99), ATV1 with CrystalHD card ($100 ish for both), and various ION based boxes which are also reasonably cheap these days. The only company that should currently care about it is D-Link who may be able to sell some more hardware if their box supported XBMC.

Boxee, on the other hand, is losing out because they only currently have builds for the Boxee Box, which means all of us won't try it. It still has some promise... some of the content they're adding is quite good. We'll see what happens "in the fall."
hmm...boxee box...it bring back a lot of bad memory. have they fix their hd audio dropout issues? i returned my boxee box because they promised me with firmware to fix it, but they never did.

i would preferred to mess around with xbmc and 7mce to fulfill my quest for dts-hd/truehd playback. i control my own destiny. so far, i can playback dts-hd/truehd using xbmc and 7mce on 4 htpc's that i built flawless. no more boxee box for me!
Cheers guys.

I'll give this ATV2 a look then.
Thing is I do remember MAJOR hassle setting up a MediaCenter remote control for the bespoke HTPC so will I have he same problem with ATV2? I'm really looking for something out of the box now as I dont want to spend time fiddling with functionality, just the menu look!

I'll check that out then, I need soemthign to access my NAS for the downstairs TV, i'll keep the DLink Boxee Box in the bedroom.