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Full Version: All Platforms - .cdr files
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I have a few dvd's that I backed up directly using OS X into .cdr format (using the disk utility tool). VLC plays these files whether it be on mac, linux or windows. However, XBMC does not seem to recognize them, any suggestions?

you need to add .cdr as a video type in advancedsettings.xml to make XBMC recognise it as a valid video type. This doesn't mean that they will play though, just that the file mode or scraper will pick them up. To play them you may need to look at an external player using playercorefactory.xml

The details on advancedsettings.xml are in the wiki, as are the details for playercorefactory.xml. Just google it.
it's just that stupid app which does not use normal file extensions. rename it .iso and watch it fly.