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Full Version: External HDD + Choppy
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I was wondering if someone could help me. I have all my movies on an external HDD. When I play using XBMC there seems to be some lag or studdering when the video plays. The studdering occurs only in XBMC. I've tried using Windows Media Center and there is no lag. I've tried using a 2nd HDD but the video still studders. The external HDD are different brands. Has anyone had any issues like this or is there a fix for it?

Is a USB hub involved? Is it powered?
i playback all my bd files from usb drive on xbmc, and i don't have any lag.

do these in xbmc: system>settings>video>playback (select allow hardware acceleration (dxva2), adjust display refresh rate to match video and sync playback to display) and system>settings>system>video output (select full screen for display mode, select same resolution as adjusted in graphic card and enable "use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen").
atari8000 no hub involved and the HDDs are powered.

bluray thanks for the suggestions I will try these first thing tomorrow morning Big Grin