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Full Version: Install IvTv Driver in xbmc live
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Hi guys !

I have got a hauppauge 350 PVR and cant install the drivers in xbmc live.
Now i found a guide for tvheadend and i wanna try it now but the webinterface of this program cant find mx tv card.

So i searched a little with google and i found out that i have to install the IvTv Driver, or?

But there is no HowTo for installing the driver in 10.04 ?

Can someone tell me how i can just install the driver for my 350 PVR ?

THX a lot !
How can i watch live TV in XBMC with an analog TV Card ?

1) first i have to install the driver for my Card (ivtv driver)

2) i have to install tvheadend or VDR .

is this correct ? But how can i do that ?