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Full Version: Very loud low/mid pitch noise problem when a movie starts or unpause
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Hello friends.

I have an Acer Revo R3600 with OS ubuntu 11.04 and XBMC installed, everything cleaned installed.

In the previous version of Ubuntu and XBMC I had to use the “hw:0,3” to get 5.1 suround I connect hdmi from the pc to the tv and spdif from the tv to the home-thearer and the 5.1 worked fine.

The problem is that when starts a movie (any movie with 5.1 feat.) the speakers produce a very annoying and loud low/mid pitch noise frequency for a few seconds and I also noticed that after I unpause the movie or when I fast forward or rewind the movie, the same thing happens.

Does anybody know what’s going on or does anybody had the same problem or does anybody have a solution for itHuh