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Full Version: [LINUX] ALSA: no sound
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Just came across an oddity: ALSA declined to playback any sound from MP3 files (the navigation sound work though). Upon closer inspection, I noticed the following log entries in xbmc.log:

"ERROR: Initialize - pcm_open_lconf, alsa error: -2 - No such file or directory"

followed by

"ERROR: Creating a Null Audio Renderer, Check your audio settings as this should not happen"

a few lines below. After increasing the log level I discovered the solution for this: just above the first error message, XBMC tells me that it's trying to read a PCM configuration for the ALSA device:

"DEBUG: Initialize - using alsa device Defaults:CARD=SB"

The solutions lies in the "-2" in the first error message as this refers to an ENOENT error in Linux jargon - XMBC is trying to open a PCM config entry that doesn't exist.

In short: follow the advise in second error message and check your audio settings. In my case, reverting back to ALSA's default device solved the problem...

Hope this may help some fellow XBMC enthusiasts running Linux.