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Full Version: asrock 3d 152 with xbmc -live
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hello am new in the forum but i am using the xbmc for 5 years now
i have start to use it with an old xbox!!!!
now before same days i buy one asrock 3d 152d and i try the xbmc with windows at the start and it was all ok with the XBMC perfect but not with the windows there for i remove the windows yesterday i load only xbmc -live
with out windows i manage to setup it but i cant make the fanarts fotos thumbs to work with xbmc-live.
i have the ember software and have a litle big colection of movies on a diskstation synology that i use (around 700 movies)inclouding hd movies.
before with the windows it work ok .first i add a video source and i use the synology as a ftp server and when i open the movie file the fanarts and the fotos and the info work fine without doing anything alse
but after i load the XBMC-live without the windows i add the movie source
as a ftp server but when i open the movie file i see only files with the name of the movie without fanarts fotos thumbs. olny when i putit in library mode is start to download the fanarts and infos but i dont wont have it in library mode
sorry for my bad english and i am nood in xbmc and linux
if some one can help me thanks in advance