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Full Version: Some TV Series twice in Library
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Hi guys,

i have my tv series spread over a couple of harddisks. So for instance 2 Seasons of two and a half men is on disk 1 and 3 seasons on disc 2.

Some of my series are twice in the library. I dont know why that happend. Most arent but 4 or 5 are.

When i select one of them i get in the season view where i can see all seasons. so both entries go to the same seasons-view.

deleting and rescanning didnt help.

any other ideas anyone?


P.S. im running dharma on live and also tried openelec 0.99.5. Same thing. the harddisks are on my windows server.
Hi Guys,

i found out what it was:

I exported the xmbc database in single file a few months ago. So my older harddisks hat tvshow.nfo files in the folder which were used.

the newer harddisks didnt have any tvsho.nfo or in one case another tvshow.nfo.

copying the tvshow.nfos from my old harddrives to the new ones fixed the problem (had to remove the entries from the database and rescan).

maybe that helps someone else too.