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Full Version: Subtitles rendering
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I have a problem with the rendering of subtitles for a channel but only in HD :

(subtitles for the HD channel)

(subtitles for the same channel in SD)

I don't know what cause the problem (the provider, xbmc, tvheadend, pvr addon ?)

I have an other HD channel with subtitles but the rendering is good.

Any ideas ?

I have the same problem using xbmc, tvheadend..
Do you encounter the same issue when playing files or dvd? There was a change in mainline recently which touched subtitle rendering. I don't think this is pvr related.
No, I have this problem only with one channel.

Is there a way to watch the subtitle independently (gimp?), perhaps it's the channel provider witch give this quality.
edit : sorry, wrong thread !
Would you have a recording of this channel for me to duplicate this problem?
Unfortunately, I can't give you a sample. If I record the channel with tvheadend, the subs are not displayed during replay (it's a known bug of matroska container). And if I record the channel with vdr (.ts), the subs are correctly displayed in xbmc during replay.

When I watch closely, it seems there is an inversion between lines :
1 2 3 4 5 6 ... become 2 1 4 3 6 5
Just in case you have better luck with video players, here is a record of the buggy subtitles :

With mkvinfo, I can see the subtitles tracks, but xbmc can't use them.
Is the problematic channel available on Astra?
Yes, 19.2°E Astra 1H. The channel is TF1 HD.
I tried showtime and the subtitles rendering is buggy too.

It's not a xbmc issue.
More infos on this issue :

Since I added ts container support for recording (tvheadend), when I watch the record within xbmc, the subtitles work.
I think the problem is in the exchange protocol. Some infos are lost and xbmc is unable to render subtitles correctly or at all (with some channel, I have this issue, for some others, I have no subtitles at all).

I tested with vnsi and it's the same think.


Note: ts container support is just a record of the raw data of a specific dvb program with a pmt and a pat added at the start of the file. xbmc does all the job !