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Full Version: Managing offline media (DVDs) in XBMC
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I recently got to know about XBMC and I love the concept of it.

I don't have a huge HDD to store all my media, so I use DVDs which I burn as data dvds.

So I have several TV shows which are burnt as Data DVDs having one season per DVD. I usually get my TV shows from warez/torrents so most of them are in .avi or .mkv format.

Is there anyway, I can manage the TV Shows in XBMC so that when I insert the correct DVD and click on the episode on XBMC, it will play directly? Oo

Also it would be great if I can somehow store the information about the seasons separately somewhere in my HDD and get it to my library later so that I don't have to download those fanart and stuff again when I do a format/reinstall XBMC in another one of my PCs. Nerd

I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Smile

Creating a folder for offline DVD's is not a problem... all you really need is a folder of the same name and a place holder video (very short video) and then scrape it... Some 3rd party software even makes the place holder video, using fanart for the background and some text... [like insert disk 3 from shelf two] Ember used to have a plugin that did this, not sure if it has it anymore... but ther are other options.

Getting this done for a TV series, would be almost the same.... but I'm not sure how it would work with a 'data' DVD and multiple files on the same disk... but at least it would allow you to drag out the correct DVD if suitably labelled. Perhaps you could have a slush directory... and diskcopy the whole contents to this and point to it with your place holders.
Thanks for the replies. Wink But I think what you mention is for the Video DVDs, where I need the method for adding movies and episodes in Data DVDs.

I have the following common structure in my discs.

DVD:\X Files\Season 01\Pilot.mkv
DVD:\Season 01\xxxxx.mkv (For Dexter)

and the movies are also of the same format.

DVD:\Avatar [2010]\Avatar.mkv
DVD:\127 Hours\127 Hours.mkv

Will the methods you have mentioned will be of use to this? Is it possible to make the NFO / tbn files for the episodes in dvd to be saved somewhere else so that I can add them later after a windows format?

I am very new to XBMC and I don't have lot of experience with these type of things. So it would be great if there is a step-by-step instructions.
I'm not running a nightly build from April 13, 2011 so it's only a bit of conjecture on my part... but it looks like the newer nightly supports stub files and the link left by jhsrennie should be accurate.

This will allow you to have a small video place holder for your files...XBMC would see and scrape these as normal files... but when you go to play them, you would see a message onscreen to indicate disk number to insert, when you insert the disk.. you get autoplay (this last bit I'm unsure of, no running the bleeding edge myself). For TV add "pdtv", "hdtv", or "dsr" in the name.

Exporting the library... keeps the order of things, should you need to import. I'm sure once you've played around a bit... all will make sense. XBMC isn't a program that is learned in one go... but over a bit of time and need. As I understand your issue, you have multiple videos on one disk and would like to know if the off-line feature XBMC supports will discriminate the list and play the corresponding item... or just the first thing on the disk...this is my conjecture, it should discriminate if you've properly labelled the item.