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Full Version: ATV2 + DNS-320 issues
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Hi there,

I just got a dlink dns-320 for my media server and I'm having issues getting it to see the content. Originally I have it stream from my imac via SMB with no problems.

With the DNS-320 it can see the folders but doesn't add it to the library. If I browse then I can access and play videos no problem.

Does anyone have any tips?

The DNS-320 is currently running firmware 2.00

If you're using uPnP note that uPnP sources can't be added to the library. This is because the URLs that a uPnP server supplies are dynamic so if you store them in the library there's no guarantee they will work next time.

No I'm not running uPnP, I connecting to it the same way with SMB. I'm not sure why it won't add anything to the directory.

If I browse I'm able to find the media and play it no problem.

Would streaming via FTP add the items to the library?
If you're using SMB then stuff should be scanned to the library just like it would with any file server. We'll need to see a debug log showing an attempt to scan to the library. See http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Log_File for how to get at the debug log.

Switching to FTP isn't a route I'd recommend. The best solution is to work out what's up with the SMB scanning.

Alright, I'll make a log file and see if send it to see if there's any information that will help.

Would updating my XBMC to the nightly be an option to see if that fixes things.

thanks for your help on this, I greatly appreciated it.
steve walken Wrote:Would updating my XBMC to the nightly be an option to see if that fixes things.

I doubt this would help. If the scanning doesn't work in v10.1 it's unlikely to work in the nightly builds.