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Full Version: new skin concept questions
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i threw together some home menu mockups but im not sure the way i want it to look and act is even possible so i thought id get a expert opinion from the pro skinners/devs here before i fall in love and run away to get married in Vegas with these "ideas" only to find out they are not possible.

the basic idea for the home menu is that its wide open fanart from one edge of the screen to the other except for a side bar which when you press left or right would then flip through your selections (movies, tv shows, music, ect) and pressing up would then open up a home specific sub menu (options on this menu would include show recently added widget, show now playing frame, powerdown options) and pressing down would open a sub menu for the selection that your currently on (movies, tv shows, settings, whatnot)

im not entirely happy with all these but i figure id post something to see if my concept is solid before i go any further at refining what they look like.

Home Menu (Movies)

Home Menu (Movies with Recently Added)
The recently added movies tab i wasnt too sure on cuase what id like it to do is just show 1 item at a time either by slideshow or by user advancing them manually.

Home Menu (Tv Shows)

Home Menu (Tv Shows with Recently Added)
I will probablly alter the recently added tab to look similar to the one for recently added movies.

Home Menu (Music Videos with Now Playing window)
I was unsure if adding studio Icons and Cover art to the Now Playing frame like this was possible since i dont recall seeing that in any of the skins i have used.
Home Menu(Music Videos)

Home Menu (Music)

Home Menu (Music with Now Playing)

i want to make it look as near to empty space as possible but still make everything you might use accessible with a click or 2
im not really happy with the text but the texture i want to use are clear as glass (mostly cause they are suppose to be) or i didn't use any textures at all behind the text and as the backgrounds change it make the text invisible so thus i landed on a bright blue cause it contrasts with just about everything and makes it easy to see regardless of what color the background is.
if the vertical text i used isnt possible is it possible to rotate the text 90 degrees?