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Full Version: Questions about pvr
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Hey all have a few questions in reguards to setting up and using the PVR functionality, I have an dell optiplex 620 running win 7 hooked up to my tv I was curious what my options are with the following hardware
Hauppauge HD PVR
HD HomeRun Deal Tuner
ATI AV seam (i think its a 650)
Hauppauge win tv 418 (I believe it is a 1600)

I have used Media Portal in the past a found it quite buggy and unstable, tried Myth TV as well but could not get it to set up properly, I am assuming the software has improved just really looking for guidance on which way to go, I would also like to have the ability to have it also function as an emulator platform for my old school games. If more information is needed just let me how I will do my best to provide what is needed.