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Full Version: [RELEASE] S04tv.de - FC Schalke 04 video portal
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S04tv is the online video portal of german soccer team FC Schalke 04. It provides all matches of S04 re-Live: full-length video of a match should be available 15 minutes after the match has ended. Additionally you can view highlights of all games (including tryouts), interviews and other specials.

Lots of videos are available for free for S04 members. But most of the videos (especially re-Live matches) require an account on https://schalke04.de/tv (12 months 19,04 EUR).

Installation via Repo Browser
  • Go to Kodis Addon Browser: System -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons -> Kodi Add-ons -> Video Add-ons --> S04tv
  • Choose Install

Installation via zip file
  • Download zip file from here
  • In Kodi go to System -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file
  • Browse to downloaded zip file and select OK

  • You will need to register at https://schalke04.de to watch any of the available videos (free or exclusive). Only users with a valid subscription will be able to watch exclusive content.
  • If you have an account at https://schalke04.de you can enter your credentials in plugin settings. Go to Videos -> Add-ons, highlight S04tv and select "Menu" on the remote (or press "C" on the keyboard) to launch the context menu. Select "Add-on settings" and enter your username and password. On next launch all videos will be available.
  • In plugin settings you can also choose video quality and choose if you want to see the [FREE/EXCL] flag and/or the date in video titles or if you want to hide exclusive videos.
The addon is available in german and english language but video titles and the videos themselves are all german. Anyway, the re-Live option might be interesting for international Schalke fans, too.

Have fun with it!
Latest version was broken some days before. Here is a fix: 0.4.1

This version is also available via XBMC repo now.
Addon is available in Eden repo from now on.
Just noticed that there have been changes on the source site that broke this addon. You can replace your default.py in addons folder with this file. This should fix the problem for users that already entered their credentials in addon settings. At least it worked for me.

I will try to get a new version out in the next days.
Took some time to build the new version. There was also an issue with providing the test video. New version is available here.

I will also send a repo request soon.
Frodo users should use the latest version 2.0.0 as there have been issues with url encoding since latest Frodo builds. Zip file is available here. It should also be available via XBMC repo soon.
New bugfix version available. There have been encoding issues in latest release. New version is available here or via XBMC repo.
Hey malte can you fix the Addon? No Video is playing
The addon is broken atm because the player on the site has changed. I am already trying to fix it but it seems to be difficult, maybe impossible.
Seems to be solved now. Current version can be downloaded here: https://xbmc-s04tv.googlecode.com/svn/re...-3.0.1.zip.

There are still some timeout issues that happen from time to time while opening streams. But usually it works on the 2nd or 3rd try. I am still trying to fix this. Anyway, a new release should hit the repo in a couple of days.
Gl├╝ck Auf!
Sadly I have got some special german umlaut characters in my user id.
At this point it seems not to be possible to enter these in the settings for s04.tv (fire tv 4k).
I have also tried a physical and some software keyboards on iOS. But wit no success,
Do you have any clue how I can manage to get my id in?
I have searched a while and found the python source. I thought it to be a good idea to change
username = __addon__.getSetting('username') to
username = ' ...'
to overcome the umlaut problem.

But afterwards the start of s04tv brought up an error.
So I searched again and found the settings.xml and put my login data there.
The error has gone, but even after that so4tv addon only shows to dots and the back-symbol.

Is there a general issue with the addon or the s04.tv website or am I still missing something?
I can watch s04.tv with airplay but I would prefer using the kodi addon.
I have a german umlaut in the user id myself. It works without problems on windows. But I remember that I had issues when I tried to test this on android. Best bet is to edit settings.xml directly like you have already done.

There is a problem with the addon right now because the site structure of S04.tv has changed a bit. I already fixed it on my end and will upload a new version soon. Should be in the repo before the new season starts.
glad to hear you're working on a fix. It's not available yet. I'm afraid I have to watch Eintracht vs S04 on PC or using Airplay today.
Hope the update is coming soon. Thank you for making this available for kodi.
if i click on the addon i cant see anything. its just empty. even if i put in my login there is nothing.
is there a newer version than mine ? (3.0.2) Or has anyone a fix for this? thanks
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