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Full Version: [LIVE] Plasma shows Invalid Format after HDMI switch operation
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OK, here's my setup:

- Booting XBMC Live from a CF card (via CF to SATA adapter)
- ZOTAC IONITX-G-E Intel Atom 330
- Yamaha YMC-500BL NeoHD Media Controller 5.1 CH AV Receiver
- LG 52" Plasma TV

XBMC Video Output settings:
Display Mode: Full Screen #1
Resolution: 1920x1080
Refresh Rate: 60.00
Vertical blank sync: Always enabled

PC is connected to NeoHD via HDMI. NeoHD also has DirecTV HDMI input and Wii component input. You use the NeoHD remote and on-screen menu to select your source to display on the Plasma. The NeoHD is connected to the Plasma via HDMI (but sends sound to the surround speakers).

Everything normally works great, but if I switch away from XBMC to one of the other sources and then switch back, my Plasma displays an "Invalid Format" message. The only thing I can do that seems to fix it is to power cycle the PC (thankfully the power button does a graceful power down). When I hit the power button, I can see on the TV the screen switch to text mode showing the Linux power down messages. Then, I power up the system and all is well again.

I just can't switch away from the PC and expect to come back to it later.

Anyone have any thoughts? Is XBMC switching video modes when the screen dims or something (if I leave it on XBMC, I can see the screen dim and that doesn't affect the display as long as I don't switch away to one of the other sources).

I'm sure it has something to do with the NeoHD being in the mix, as I never had this issue when it was directly connected to one of the HDMI inputs of the TV. However, since it doesn't occur with my other input sources, it does seem reasonable to conclude that XBMC is doing something "a little weird" that I might be able to tweak.

Or... I would be happy with some other workaround. Maybe a command I could send the box via ssh that would force a video reset or reload the XBMC application. It seems that if I can see the power down messages when the system switches video modes to power down, that any type of video mode switch might force things to resync.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far.
I've run into the same issue with my set and the Neo-HD 500 box.

I found an app to run on my smartphone that allows me to SSH into the box from my couch and reboot it - it sucks, but works.

I also ran into a situation yesterday when I rebooted a different device on the receiver (my cable box), I was able to switch to the XBMC box without seeing the error message. Maybe the reset of the cable box prompted the receiver to reset/re-sync its own HDMI ports, no idea, and haven't had a chance to test it more.