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Full Version: ViMediaManager - Media Manager for Mac OS X!
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Latest release:
ViMediaManager v0.7a22
(Jan 21, 2020)

ViMediaManager is a media manager written and designed for Mac OS X, with it you can easily gather, store and manage information, extra art, trailers and tunes for your movie, television and anime collections.

Build using Xojo, this app attempts to go beyond mere media management by giving watching recommendations, keeping track of show airing dates/times, which episodes of your shows you have already watched, and much more!

Mac OS X 10.9 and an active Internet connection for downloading information.

With ViMediaManager you can:
  • Manage your movie, television and anime collections.
  • Download media metadata from TheMovieDB.org, IMDb.com, TheTVDB.com in your language*.  
  • Get trailers, posters, fanart, banners, clearart, character art, disc art, logo’s, thumbnails, extra thumbs, extra fanart, trailers & theme songs for your movies and series Fanart.tv.
  • Create or update NFO metadata files. NFO metadata can be edited within the application and the file is saved with the media.
  • Extra art chooser for downloading and choosing images to use for posters, backdrops, etc.
  • Extra media chooser for downloading trailers and television tunes.
  • Shows television and anime airing status, and next episode air date information thanks to TVMaze.com.
  • A feature-rich episodes manager that displays all known television and anime episodes, allowing you to keep track of which episodes you've already watched, and to edit and save NFO metadata with the episode files.
  • Set manager for creating and editing movie sets/collections.
  • Automatically rename files and folders according to highly customisable preferences.
  • Keep your collections clean and organised.
  • Find more to watch with recommendations from TheMovieDB.org and IMDb.com.
  • …and more!
* Local language only available on items for which the respective database provides localised information.

If you appreciate all the effort that has gone into making this application, consider a donation.
While it's neither expected nor required, it is highly appreciated!
Paypal Donation

You can also help with:
  • Testing the latest unstable debug releases and sending bug reports / feature requests.
  • Support any site which ViMM uses to gather materials from. (TheMovieDB.org, fanart.tv, etc...)

Follow ViMediaManager's development on GitHub:

Bug reports & Feature requests:
If you have any questions that aren't answered below, found bugs or have feature requests, feel free to make a post in this thread, or send me an email at [email protected].

If you still have questions after reading it, don't be afraid to ask!

The app doesn't start or shows some very abnormal behavior, how can I reset the application?

For Mac OS X 10.9+, follow the steps in this post:

Otherwise, you can reset the app by removing the preferences files which are located here:
For ViMediaManager v0.5.x:

For ViMediaManager v0.6.x & v0.7.x:

And the application support folder can be found here: (or just the XML files directly within this folder)
/users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/ViMediaManager/

Throwing away these items into the trash will reset the app to it's 'factory' settings.
★ Tips & Tricks! ★

Show studio/network logo's
To show studio and network logos, you'll have to download those separately from this thread: (or similar threads)

Once you've downloaded these, navigate to:
/users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/ViMediaManager/
Create a new folder named "Studios" and put the images directly into this folder.

While in a manual search dialog, you can use ID's instead of names for lookup.
You can put the IMDb ID into the search field. for example: "tt1234567"
You can prefix a Database ID with "id:" (without the quotes) for example: id:1234 (TMDB ID's for movies, TVDB ID's for TV shows)
For anime, you can prefix an anidb.net ID with "anidb:" (Again, without the quotes), note that it's still a good idea to also include the corresponding MovieDB or TVDB ID in the extra ID field.

Preview Images
While the previewing window for downloading images is open, you can use the arrow keys to quickly move to the next or previous image.

Movies inside RAR files
Movies that are RARred will not be recognized as movies!

Debug Mode
To enter "Debug Mode", hold the [ALT] key at the app's start up.
What debug mode does:
  1. Disables reading NFO files to fill the lists with movie/tv/anime status.
    (This should make the app load faster and possibly crash less)

Let me know what you think!

i was so HHHHHHaaaaapppyy when i saw that , finally a manager for OS X.

However , after installing and setting up the preferences, it crashes.

this is the report if it can help you :


Hopefully we can fix this , i am so anxious in testing this out :-)


Well that's off to a rocky start ^^;
I'll have a look at it!

It could be that it's not reacting well to an old NFO file if you ever created one using another Media Manager?
Remove the preferences under your ~/Library/Preferences/com.vidalvanbergen.xml to try again and using a test folder with just a movie in it.
Maybe its just me but my 2 xbmc dont see the poster.jpg in filemode. Why didnt you choose folder.jpeg?
I had been thinking along the lines of a poster being called poster.jpg sounding reasonable, but I haven't been using file mode a lot, and if you refresh a movie's information using the saved NFO file, I think it shows up in file mode with the assigned poster, and I believe that the Poster.jpg is more commonly used, specifically when showing the movie info panel.

But if a folder.jpg is actually the more common method, I think i can switch to that.
Damnit...If I had seen this about five days ago I could have saved about $150 bucks! (I bought a netbook just for Ember and the Renamer and all that)

anyways, I was wondering if you could add one little bit of functionality - Would it be possible for it to look at your tv shows and check off which ones are missing in the seasons for you? I'm not sure how hard that would be to code but something like this would be very helpful to most/all/ok just me of us here.

I'll be checking this out tonight after class and I'll definitely be dropping you a line.
It doesn't support episodes just yet, but i'll write it up!
Ok nice! Same goes for banner.jpeg must be named folder.jpeg to show up under filemode for tv series. Maybe you can have an option to choose all off them?
Thank a bunch for this. Just downloaded and trying it out. Looks great.

A question - It seams that the metadata fetching is being done by file name. Is there a way to use folder names? They tend to be much cleaner in my case.
I guess I might as well use folder name, since it uses the folder/moviefile structure anyhow, I'll think about it.
Wait a second, it doesn't do episodes? I don't get quite what you mean....
w000p very excited about this. Thx! Smile

But I also absolutely need the lookup to be done through the directory name. If for some reason you don't want to make this default ... perhaps allow it through a preference?

But the ones I tried with proper naming did pick up nicely Smile Thx man!! dankjewel Wink
Nice work but no imdb metadata??
@cbr600ds2: It currently doesn't show episodes in the list, and doesn't fetch episode data on it's own and as such, there is no support for fetching or editing loose episode metadata, or at least... not yet. Wink
Instead it fetches a TV Show guide which XBMC can use to fetch episode data. (TVDB Data)

@SpoBo: I think I remember hoping that people would use the directory name instead of movie file name way back when I started making this app, but just in case they didn't, I used the filename as default and made use of as much name filtering (removing flags such as 720p, divx and group name) as possible while searching.
So I'm glad to hear that folder name seems to be preferred over filename. ^^
It should use folder names in the next beta, and I'll see how that goes.
So you're welcome in advance & alvast graag gedaan! Wink

@chander: There's an option to use IMDB data (Ratings, Plot/Summaries, Premier date, etc) in addition to TMDB data, but this is through an unofficial API that only works in english and doesn't receive as much information as TMDB provides.
You can find the option in the preferences window under "Movies".