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Full Version: [MAC] Susbtitle Issue - SSA/ASS Renderer?
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I've noticed an issue recently with a couple of anime show the subtitles don't work properly and fallback to an ugly, practically unreadable font. The problem is only occurring with my living room HTPC (Mac Mini) but works fone on my laptop (Macbook Pro). Quite unfortunate because I want to enjoy these shows on my big comfy couch.

Both Mini and Macbook are running the same Dharma build, skin and OSX version.
OSX: 10.6.8
Dharma: 20110916

Also, I've tried 4 other nightly builds as well, to no avail other than seeing that the latest ones are registering the proper subtitle colors.

Looking at the xbmc.log I see this:

19:17:58 T:2958753792  NOTICE: Closing subtitle stream
19:17:58 T:2958753792  NOTICE: Opening Subtitle stream: 4 source: 256
19:17:58 T:2958753792   DEBUG: FactoryCodec - Overlay: SSA Subtitle Decoder - Opening
19:17:58 T:2958753792    INFO: CDVDSubtitlesLibass: Creating ASS library structure
19:17:58 T:2958753792    INFO: CDVDSubtitlesLibass: Initializing ASS library font settings
19:17:58 T:2958753792    INFO: CDVDSubtitlesLibass: Initializing ASS Renderer
19:17:58 T:2958753792   DEBUG: CDVDSubtitlesLibass: [ass] No usable fontconfig configuration file found, using fallback.
19:17:58 T:2958753792    INFO: CDVDSubtitlesLibass: Creating new ASS track
19:17:58 T:2958753792   DEBUG: FactoryCodec - Overlay: SSA Subtitle Decoder - Opened

I guess my question is why isn't this so-called fontconfig usable on my mini and fine on the macbook... and why this particular font?

Here's a side-by-side with my mac mini (bad) and the macbook (good).


As you can see with the screenshot, with any lengthy or quick paced dialogue you can't even make out what's being said on my mini. Insert frown face here.
Nuthin'? No one has seen this before?
Missing font issue? I'm not even sure if XBMC uses the OS's fonts. If you can tell me the file name of the download (subber/ripper group name) I'll search and download it myself and see if I can replicate the issue.
The series that I've yet been unable to watch is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, the subber group being Central-Anime.

Here's .avi]the link for the first episode.

But, I've seen this issue with a couple of other anime shows. Since I typically watch dubbed versions the crappy font only shows up for signs/titles, and isn't so bad.